December 2015

Graduation Day at Oakridge School


Yesterday we were able to celebrate Ashlee for graduating from Oakridge School. Thank you everyone for coming & thank you Ashlee's parents for sharing this sweet girl with us. We will miss her!

Getting to know Terri

Rachelle Sorensen

Terri Hales is a technician in Tasha Lewis Classroom. Terri came to us from the bus shop, she was a bus technician for Oakridge for many year. Terri is creative, can make the students smile & a friend to all. Terri is a very magical part of Oakridge. Not sure what we would do without her!

Getting to Know Annie

Rachelle Sorensen

Annie Johnson is a brand new technician in Julie Ellison's classroom.  Annie is so creative she came up will some wonderful ideas for the craft sale before the Christmas Play. We are so glad Annie works at Oakridge. Please look at the picture below to learn more about Annie.

Getting to know Nikki...

Rachelle Sorensen

Nikki Newell is a unique technician in Kathleen Ellingers Classroom. Nikki loves to take the students for walks, read books to the students and will brighten anyone day. We are so glad Nikki works at Oakridge School. Please look at the picture to learn more about Nikki

Santa Visits Oakridge School

Rachelle Sorensen, Angie Landerman

Santa was so kind to take some time from to visit our students at Oakridge School. If any Parents would like the digital copy of their childs photos please contact Rachelle Sorensen at (801) 491-2165

Oakridge School Christmas Play

Jason Shelley

Oakridge School with assistance from Springville High School Student Council

Presents: Who Could Forget Christmas?

December 14th, 2015 at 7:00 pm

Where: Springville High School Auditorium

Free Admission

Craft & bake sale fundraiser for Oakridge School will be held before the play.