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Friday's Fun-filled Field Trips

Submitted by paige.russell on Sun, 10/05/2014 - 21:08
Wesley and Christopher (both Tasha's class) had a blast with their BYU student friends swimming in the pool!
Wesley and Christopher (both Tasha's class) are great swimmers.
Christopher (Tasha's class) swimming in pool with BYU student volunteer.
Wesley (Tasha's class) just did a cannon ball into the water.
James (Julie's class) playing with technician Josh (Julie's class) in the gym.
Lexi (Kathleen's class) loved being social and playing in the gym!
Paula (Julie's class) loved being with the BYU students and playing with them!
Chase (Tasha's class) playing with some of the many toys that the BYU volunteers brought with them!

Field trips are always fun!  Recently Oakridge went on a field trip to BYU where some of the students were able to swim with BYU students while others had open gym time and one on one time with a BYU student.  These BYU students participate in a program called “Gym Kids”.  This is a great opportunity for the students to be social, play, and just be themselves.