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"Spiders, Spiders Everywhere"

Submitted by paige.russell on Wed, 09/24/2014 - 22:05
Art Lesson Taught by Terri Hales
Terri Hales helping students make their very fashionable spider hats!
Aiden loved sporting his spider hat around the school! (Tasha's Class)
Cody and Wyatt both loved having crawly spiders as hats! (Kathleen's Class)
Terri made a hat for Ashley that fit just right! (Kathleen's Class)
Group of technicians and students doing the art project.
Josh (Technician in Julie's Class) loved the hats so much, he needed one all his own!
Spiders, spiders everywhere, one even landed in our secretary's hair!! (Teresa Gordon)
Haley and Heather (Technicians both in Julie's Class) both helping make spider hats for the students.

This week our students read books about bugs, more specifically spiders, during one of our planning times.  Each student made a hat of a spider and had a fun time showing them off.  Creepy, crawly legs and all!