School News

Utah State Junior Livestock Show


5 of Tasha's students were apart of the Utah State Junior Livestock show. They were able to show pigs with a high school FFA member. The students have been helping take care of the pigs the last month. It was a fun experience for everyone. 

New friend at the park


One of the students from Oakridge went over to the high school student to have her push her on the swing. We love the high school students. They are amazing. 

Red Barn


For floral culture, we went to the red barn and learned about apple juice. Roxanna loved watching the machines. 

Growing Potatoes


In floral culture we are growing potatoes. Roxanna was helping fill the bucket up with dirt. She has helped with flowers, apple tree and oak tree too. It is fun to see the progress at the greenhouse.



Pig, Kids, and Blue Jackets!!! Tasha Lewis and Monica Giffing team up and have the high school FFA students and the Oakridge students raise pigs together. Keven is the newest member and he was awarded his 4-H shirt and badge. We love this program and the opportunity it gives the students to interact with each other. 



After BYU we go to the park to eat if the weather is nice. The students love to run around.