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Learning to Play The Beamz!

Rachelle Sorensen, Tasha Lewis, Peta Clark, Terri Hales

What is The Beamz?

The Beamz is a laster-based music device. Each laser beam corresponds to an instrument or sound that the user plays by interrupting the beam. When the player removes his or her hand the sound stops.

Here at Oakridge School we LOVE music! In this short video watch Tasha Lewis and Peta Clark show one of our students how to play The Beamz. This amazing took is a great way for Oakridge students to interact and create music.

Getting to Know Alex Harvey

Rachelle Sorensen

Alex Harvey is a new technician in Julie Ellison's classroom this year. Alex is friendly, happy and very tall. As many may know, we have a few fun size employees at Oakridge, so being tall is totally awesome. Please look to the picture to learn more about Alex.  We are so glad he works at Oakridge School.

Show your School Spirit!

Rachelle Sorensen
Oakridge Ladies V-Neck T-Shirt
Oakridge Mens / Youth T-Shirt
Oakridge Full Zip Hoodie
Oakridge Hoodie
Example of the Ladies Full Zip Hoodie
Ladies V-Neck T-Shirt Size Chart
Order Form

Oakridge School is VERY EXCITED to annouce we are ordering new school spirit T-Shirts & Sweatshirts. An order form will be sent home with your student today. Please fill out the order form & return to Oakridge Secretary. If you purchase apparel for your student we are celebrating our school spirit by wearing our shirts on Fridays.

Getting to Know...

Rachelle Sorensen, Madi McBride
Madi McBride

This year at Oakridge School we will be spotlighting our wonderful technicians, faculty and staff. Part of what makes the MAGIC happen at Oakridge School is our CREATIVE, CARING and Very Capable Employees.

Our first technician to be spotlighted is Madi McBride. She is a new hire for this school year and is working in Kathleen Ellinger's Classroom. Madi has a bubbly personality, a big smile and we are so glad she works at Oakridge School. Please look to the picture to learn more about Madi!

Also keep checking back with us we will be posting a new spotlight weekly.

Welcome back to school at Oakridge

Rachelle Sorensen
Tasha Lewis Classroom
Julie Ellison's Classroom
Kathleen Ellinger's Classroom

We are so excited to have some of our friends from last year & new friends coming to Oakridge school this year.

Sibling love

Whenever these cute siblings are around each other they can sense it. It is very warming to see them react like this to each other. 


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We had a blast singing karaoke to help us celebrate the end of the year! Take a look for yourself! 

Hansel and Gretel

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We were so happy to welcome some special guests from BYU. Hansel, Gretel and the Witch came to pay us a visit and sing us some of the songs from the opera Hansel and Gretel written by Engelbert Humperdinck. They will be performing the opera at BYU June 10th-13th. (click here for more information)

Thank you for coming to sing for us! We loved it! 

Swimming at Springville


We had so much fun on our field trips to Springville pool. It was so fun to watch the students that love the water so much. They would have stayed in the pool all day if we had let them!