School News

Save the Date...Oakridge Auction is April 16th, 2016

Rachelle Sorensen

Oakridge Annual Fundraising Auction is on April 16th, 2016. Lunch will begin at 11 am, Silent Auction will be from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm, & my favorite part the LIVE Auction will start at 1:00 pm. In anticipation for this fun event we are going to be posting items that have been donated. We have some wonderful items & we just wanted to brag about the kindness of the business who donated them.

Isabelle American Girl Doll donated by American Girl

$100 in Chevron Gift Cards donated by Arnie B's Gas Station in Payson, Utah

$30 in Ginger's Gift Cards donated by Gingers in Springville, Utah

4 Free Buffet Meals donated by Chuck A Rama in Provo, Utah

4 VIP Unlimited Wash Passes donated by Wiggy Wash in Spanish Fork & Springville, Utah

Sterling Silver & Pearl Necklace donated by Duke's Jewelry in Springville, Utah

$10 of Hamburger donated from Dixon Meat in Payson, Utah

Free Emissions & Inspection donated from Emissions made Easy in Springville, Utah

1 Hour Massage Gift Certificate donated by Matrixx Massage in Salt Lake City, Utah

$20 off Any Services donated by Jim's Hair Emporium in Springville, Utah

16 x 20 Canvas Wrap by Snelson PhotoColor Lab in Springville, Utah

2 Complimentary Meals donated by Cracker Barrel in Springville, Utah

$35 Floral Bouquet donated by Springville Floral & Gift in Springville, Utah

1 Night Stay at White Pine Cabin located between Monticello & Blanding, in the heart of southeastern Utah donated by Canyonlands Lodging.

Getting to know Kayli...

Rachelle Sorensen, Kathleen Ellinger

Kayli Carter is a technician in Kathleen Ellinger's Classroom. This is her second year working at Oakridge School. We love Kayli because she is a peaceful, calming & happy prescence in Kathleens class. Please look at the picture below to learn more about Kayli.

Getting to know Alexa

Rachelle Sorensen, Mindy Davis

Alexa Gowon is a technician in Julie Ellison's Classroom. She has been with Oakridge for 1 year. Alexa is so much fun, easy going & hard working. Please look at the picture below to learn more about Alexa

Getting to know Terri

Rachelle Sorensen

Terri Hales is a technician in Tasha Lewis Classroom. Terri came to us from the bus shop, she was a bus technician for Oakridge for many year. Terri is creative, can make the students smile & a friend to all. Terri is a very magical part of Oakridge. Not sure what we would do without her!

Getting to Know Annie

Rachelle Sorensen

Annie Johnson is a brand new technician in Julie Ellison's classroom.  Annie is so creative she came up will some wonderful ideas for the craft sale before the Christmas Play. We are so glad Annie works at Oakridge. Please look at the picture below to learn more about Annie.

Getting to know Nikki...

Rachelle Sorensen

Nikki Newell is a unique technician in Kathleen Ellingers Classroom. Nikki loves to take the students for walks, read books to the students and will brighten anyone day. We are so glad Nikki works at Oakridge School. Please look at the picture to learn more about Nikki

Santa Visits Oakridge School

Rachelle Sorensen, Angie Landerman

Santa was so kind to take some time from to visit our students at Oakridge School. If any Parents would like the digital copy of their childs photos please contact Rachelle Sorensen at (801) 491-2165

Oakridge School Christmas Play

Jason Shelley

Oakridge School with assistance from Springville High School Student Council

Presents: Who Could Forget Christmas?

December 14th, 2015 at 7:00 pm

Where: Springville High School Auditorium

Free Admission

Craft & bake sale fundraiser for Oakridge School will be held before the play.

Hooray! Kathleen Ellinger's is Fully Funded!

Rachelle Sorensen

Oakridge School is so excited for Kathleen Ellinger's Class. They have been fully funded to purchase 2 new iPads for their classroom. iPads help our students communicate "Imagine the frustration of not being able to speak but having so much to say. This is a challenge that Oakridge students face everyday of their lives. My students will be able to better access the educational curriculum through using the iPads", a quote from Kathllen Ellinger.