North Pole

Submitted by tasha.lewis on Fri, 12/17/2021 - 20:46
Destiny spinning the wheel
Kara and her mom
Pin the stripe on the candy cane
Megan's mom, brother and grandparents
Keven and Jaxon's family
Brandie and her family
Jaxon with his high school friend
Nila and her high school friend
Amber and her dog
Ebby and his high school friend
Emma and her high school friend
Destany playing the bells with her high school friend
Emma's family
Robert and santa
Keven and his friends at the spinning wheel
Megan and her friends
Emily and her daughter
Mike at the guessing game
Sally and her son
Wyatt's family
Kim and her nurse
Trey and Tasha
Kara and her grandkids
Kara's kids

Oakridge and Springville High School had a great time hosting a North Pole event. They had games, treats, and music as people walked through the school to different themed rooms. Everyone enjoyed themselves.