Oakridge School Honors Bus Drivers

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On February 14th Oakridge School celebrated the annual “Love The Bus” program. The “Love Your Bus” program, was founded in 2007 and is coordinated by the American School Bus Council. It is celebrated on Valentine’s Day and throughout February in school districts across the country.  This is a way for the ASBC to raise awareness and appreciation for the hundreds of thousands of school bus drivers who safely transport more than 25 million school children to and from school each day. It is also an opportunity for parents and children to learn more about the safety and environmental benefits of school bus transportation. (Love the Bus.com)

 Oakridge had the privilege of honoring the bus drivers and technicians who transport and care for the students of Oakridge. The bus drivers and bus techs go above and beyond the norm to assist with the day to day transportation of the developmentally disabled students at Oakridge School. Dr. Richard Kay praised these fine ladies for their hard work and for the love they give to the students.

 Pictured are: L to R  Cory Herbert, Cindy Duncan, Dr. Richard Kay, Principal, Margaret Gonzalez , Terri Hales and Marie Steadman

Teresa Gordon