Teacher Letter

Submitted by tasha.lewis on Mon, 03/16/2020 - 17:19
Dear Parents/Guardians,Starting 3/18/2020, school is officially being routed to "At-Home Learning" until further notice.-If your students need or are entitled to any formula or meals provided by the district, you are welcome to pick it up: formula on Wednesday 3/18 from Oakridge and meals are available daily (Mon-Fri.) at the school closest to you. Please note: Oakridge will not have daily meals- but you can pick it up from Springville Highschool or surrounding schools.)-At home lessons will be provided online daily. More thorough instructions for these lessons will be provided by your student's teacher starting Wednesday.-On Wednesday 3/18 from 10:30am-3:30pm, every parent is invited to stop by to pick up packets full of materials needed for at-home learning. These materials may include (depending on your students' individual goals): communication devices, manipulatives, experiment ingredients, etc. Some lessons will ask that you use materials from around the house, (ex. measuring cups, coins, etc.)-Some students use iPads to practice  their goals. If you don't have an iPad/tablet at home- please let us know and we will have a limited number available for check-out based on your students' needs. Information on how to use some of the free communication apps used at Oakridge will be sent out.-Pickup procedure: Front doors will be locked. From 10:30-2:30 parents can call Oakridge (801)491-2165 to let us know you're here, and the materials will be brought out to you.- If you do not have wifi, please contact Shaun Blakey at shaun [dot] blakey [at] nebo [dot] edu -Teachers will be working with your students online for: IEP Learning Goals and Transition/Life Skill Goals. Any other related service instructions (PT, OT, Vision, Hearing and Speech) will be relayed through that specific Specialist and they will reach out to you.  If you have any questions for them, here are their contacts:Physical Therapy: Mark Jones (mark [dot] jones [at] nebo [dot] edu)Occupational Therapy: Paul Daybell (paul [dot] daybell [at] nebo [dot] edu)Speech: Jason Shelley (jason [dot] shelley [at] nebo [dot] edu)Vision: Katee Westover (katee [dot] westover [at] nebo [dot] edu)Hearing: Katrina Davenport (katrina [dot] davenport [at] nebo [dot] edu)Orientation and Mobility: Linda Breeden (linda [dot] breeden [at] usdb [dot] org) or Rachel Beckstrand (rachelb [at] usdb [dot] org) Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work through this new form of learning,Oakridge Faculty and Staff