Planning Time

Daily scheduled group lessons allow the teacher to have “planning time”.  One teacher will prepare a lesson or activity, and teach it to all the students from all the classes.  This allows the students to interact with each other outside of their typical day to day routine. It is also a time that the students can get out of the classroom and enjoy some sunshine at the park! Planning time gives the other teachers time to focus on preparing and organizing lessons for the upcoming days and weeks that best fit the needs of the students.

Audio Enhancement and Projector System

Jillian Dahle using the microphone during "circle time".
Students listening/participating in group activity while the new audio enhancement system was used.

Each of the three classrooms as well as the gym recieved new audio systems this year. It allows the teachers to wear a microphone around their necks when teaching allowing their voices to be projected to speakers that are throughout the room.  This allows teachers to be easily heard thoughout the class, no matter where the student is sitting or is in the classroom.  The louder volume and speaker system captures the attention of the students in a more effective way and the students are able to get more out of the lesson/activity.  There is also the option of projecting books and videos onto the screen allowing the students to have the opportunity to participate.  Just a week into the school year and both the students and teachers are seeing the benefits! 

Back To School

Kathleen Ellinger and Julie Ellison
Heather Lyman, RN and (Not Pictured) Stacy Duncan, RN
Susan Remund
Katie Westover

We are so excited for another school year here at Oakridge School!  There are several new faces here at Oakridge.  Listed below are their smiling faces!   We as faculty and staff look forward to working with students, both new and returning, to make this year the best one yet.


Synergy Cello Band Performs for Oakridge

L to R, Soren Peterson, Jared Snelson, Jordan Nelson and Trevin Powell

Oakridge School had the pleasure of hosting Synergy Cello Band on Tuesday, May 20. Synergy is a cello rock band from Springville, Utah.  These four young men started the band when they were in the seventh grade. The band consists of three cellists and a percussionist. All the boys are sophmores and attend Springville and Maple Mountain High Schools.  

Synergy has been playing all over Utah for four years. The band recently competed in the national SchoolJam USA’s Battle of the Bands as one of the top eight finalists.

The band plays everything from classical music to hard rock. Synergy has put on concerts, played at charity events, benefit fundraisers, etc. We have released a full length album available for purchase. We've also competed in — and won — multiple battle of the bands. (Facebook)


Oakridge Parents Help With Teacher Appreciation Week

Alice Spencer and Kathleen White

Oakridge School would like to thank all the parents who so graciously contributed to making Teacher Appreciateion Week a success!  Monday started off with fruit and donuts, milk and juice. Tuesday, parents came and "Heart Attacked" all the classrooom doors. On Wednesday the parents provided a lucheon for the entire staff at Oakridge. On Friday the staff enjoyed homemade cinnamon rolls. We would like to thank, Carol Carlson, Alice Spencer, Marcy Cox, Courtney Morton, Cassie Stockwell, Kathleen White, Brian Wall, and Nancy Wall. You guys are the BOMB!

Oakridge School Teacher's Week

Tasha Lewis' celebrates Teacher's Week with her technicians
Liz Reynolds and her class clowns celebrating Teacher's Week
Laura Peery and her technicians enjoyed their special day

Oakridge teachers had fun celebrating Teacher's Week!

National Teachers Week at Oakridge


Oakridge School celebrated National Teacher's Week with an array of activities.  The parents honored the teachers by decorating their classroom doors and a luncheon on Wednesday. A fun time was had by all and the teacher's loved the attention that was showered on them. Oakridge School loves their teachers!

Oakridge School Honors School Nurse

We love our school nurse Cindy Gerow

May 7 was National School Nurses Day. Our school nurse Cindy Gerow was honored with a gift basket by the staff and cards with well wishes and a poster from the students. It is a bittersweet week, as Cindy will be retiring at the end of the school year. She has been an integral part of Oakridge since the doors opened in 2005. She not only cares for the students at Oakridge but is also responisble for their care plans as well as those of other special Ed students in the district. We wil miss Cindy and wish her well in her retirement.

National School Nurse Day Background: Since 1972, National School Nurse Day has been set aside to recognize school nurses.

Purpose: National School Nurse Day was established to foster a better understanding of the role of school nurses in the educational setting.

Date: National School Nurse Day is celebrated on the Wednesday within National Nurse Week and National Nurse Week is always May 6th through May 12th. (NSNA ,


Oakridge Students Prepare for Spanish Fork Stock Show

Chase Sundet takes a break from tending his pig
Faith Sackett listens intently to her mentor

For the past few months four Oakridge students from Tasha Lewis' class have been working everyday with their pigs to prepare for the Spanish Fork Stock show. The students have mentors from Springville High School FFA who help them with their pigs.

 These four students will be showing their pigs on Wed and Thurs, April 30 and May 1  from 5-10 PM. The sale will be on Saturday, May 3rd at 10AM. 

They have learned how to walk, feed and handle their pigs. Not only have they learned how to handle the pigs, they have learned about patience and caring for the animals. Oakridge School is very proud of  Wesley Brailsford, Bailey Wall, Faith Sackett and Chase Sundet.



Dr. Seuss Visits Oakridge

Gabe Sackett wears his Cat in the Hat mask.
Faith Sackett dons her Cat in the hat Mask
Noah Johnson wearing his Cat in the Hat mask.

Students at Oakridge celebrated Dr. Seuss and had fun making masks .