September 2012

Oakridge Olympics

With the school year well under way, there are many fun and exciting things going on at Oakridge. This past Friday, the staff and students celebrated with a first annual Olympic Games activity. The students participated in a Toss the Bean Bag (thru the Olypmic Rings), Cheeto Toss, and Diving (for a ball in a bowl of water) as well as a few other events. A fun time was had by all.

School Community Council Elections

Oakridge Community Council

Be involved and have a positive influence at Oakridge by serving on the School Community Council.  Parent candidates cannot be Oakridge employees and must have a student attending Oakridge during the term for which they are elected. If you are interested in serving on the council, you may self nominate by completing the nomination form below and returning it to the school by September 17, 2012.  Nominations received after that date will not be considered.  If you are nominating another individual, please contact them to ensure their interest and willingness to be involved.

We will hold elections for two parent representatives to the council September 18-20.  Any parent of an Oakridge student may vote by coming to the school during school hours that week.

The School Community Council will provide input in the following areas:

1)      Develop the school’s improvement plan:

a)      Identify the school’s most critical needs.

b)      Compile a list of programs, practices, materials, and equipment that the school will need to implement its improvement plan.

c)      Submit the school improvement plan (including the Trust Lands Proposal) to the school board for approval.

d)     Provide an annual performance report at the end of the year to the school Board about it improvement plan and performance.

2)      Serve as the school’s curriculum review committee.

3)      Serve as the school building needs committee.

4)      Review and give approval for character education proposals.

5)      Give input to the administration with regard to the school-level policies and procedures.

6)      Become knowledgeable about school issues in order to build a bridge to the community.

7)      Review and approve school attendance policy rewards, consequences and eligibility requirements.

8)      Review school improvement plans for accreditation.

9)      Serve as the Comprehensive Guidance Advisory Council.

This list of responsibilities is not intended to be all inclusive.  This council may assist the principal in other areas at his discretion.  The council typically meets at 12:00 on the first Monday of each month.  If you have questions please contact either Principal Lynn Mecham or Liz Reynolds.


Nominations for Parent Representative to Oakridge Community Council

Date: ___________________                        Nominee’s Phone #___________________________

I would like to nominate__________________________________ (Self, Other) to be included on the ballot for the Oakridge Community Council for the 2012-2013 school year. I understand that this is a two-year seat that I may be re-elected for up to three consecutive terms.             

 These forms must be received by September 17, 2012.  Parent elections will be held at Oakridge September 18 - 20.  Any parent of an Oakridge student may vote by coming to the school during school hours on those days.