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Audio Enhancement and Projector System

Submitted by paige.russell on Fri, 08/29/2014 - 14:26
Jillian Dahle using the microphone during "circle time".
Students listening/participating in group activity while the new audio enhancement system was used.

Each of the three classrooms as well as the gym recieved new audio systems this year. It allows the teachers to wear a microphone around their necks when teaching allowing their voices to be projected to speakers that are throughout the room.  This allows teachers to be easily heard thoughout the class, no matter where the student is sitting or is in the classroom.  The louder volume and speaker system captures the attention of the students in a more effective way and the students are able to get more out of the lesson/activity.  There is also the option of projecting books and videos onto the screen allowing the students to have the opportunity to participate.  Just a week into the school year and both the students and teachers are seeing the benefits!